The West Lake Hangzhou At Shangri-La Hotel

A luxury hotel located in front of the famous West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.SHANGRI-LA_HANGZHOU_07

A few weeks ago I was in Hangzhou with the family for a 3-day weekend. A short hour and a half train ride from Shanghai, where we live. This was my first trip to Hangzhou and I actually really enjoyed it mostly because of the local food. As an expat living in China, the food from Hangzhou has a very distinct flavor and I particularly learned to love the cuisine.

First, I want to talk a little about the city of Hangzhou. In my short visit to Hangzhou, also known as the West Lake, was rather short but marvelous in every aspect. Hangzhou and the West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are considered one of China’s most famous and beautiful destinations to visit (I truly second that!). The West Lake has influenced poets and painters throughout China and around the world for its natural beauty and historic relics besides, it has also been one of the most important sources of inspiration for Chinese garden designers in China, Japan and Korea.

Anyways, we stayed at the luxurious Shangri-La Hotel Hangzhou, which was absolutely stunning! First impressions were great! It’s a 5-star hotel and it sure felt like one. The lobby is exceptionally beautiful and grand, as pretty much all from the brand, with floor to ceiling windows that oversee a delicate and lush garden.

The room we stayed, the Superior Double, was adequate for all of our family’s needs and had a great view of the Lake and the lovely gardens surrounding the hotel. For an authentic fine dining experience, we had the pleasure of dining at Shang Palace and enjoy a fantastic dinner from chef Xiao Liang Cai, who has been proudly preparing dishes at Shangri-La Hotel Hangzhou for over two decades.

• West Lake, surrounded by ancient temples, pagodas, intricate bridges and postcard views from literally every angle.
• Dragon Well plantation. The Longjing Tea village is nestled in a lovely valley surrounding the West Lake, ancient temples, bamboo forests, pagodas and terraced tea fields. Definitely worth a visit.

Hope those quick tips might help. If you ever find yourself in Hangzhou or planning a trip don’t hesitate to book a stay at the Shangri-La hotel.

Shangri-La Hotel – Hangzhou
78 Beishan Road
Hangzhou, 310007, China
Phone: +86 571 8797 7951

The Hotel

The Lobby


The Main Restaurant




The Suite


Hangzhou Attractions


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