World’s Cheapest 2 Michelin Starred Restaurant: Canton 8

Chef Jie Ming Jian, Hong Kong-born and executive chef at Canton 8, a 2-Michelin star restaurant, brings traditional and authentic Cantonese food to its clientele.

Besides having earned the reputation as “the cheapest Michelin restaurant in the world,” Canton 8 is a low key, midrange Cantonese restaurant located on a quiet street off of Jumen Lu in Shanghai.

The set menu of about 150RMB (US$23) that I tried is curiously tasty in my opinion and you can tell by the pictures it was prepared with care. I especially loved the Char Siu, Has Gao, and the Lobster bisque. I also enjoyed the dessert prepared with house-made almond milk and served with warm cake. My recommendation is to go during weekday lunch to avoid the lines, which can be quite long on weekends.

Canton 8
No.63 Runan Street
Shanghai 200000, China
Phone +86 21 3165 8198

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