Shanghai’s Japanese Hidden Gem: Shintori

French Concession’s hidden gem!

Shintori is definitely one of my favorite Kaiseki-style restaurants in Shanghai! I have been to it a couple of times and every visit seems to impress me in a different way. The quality of the ingredients, presentation, and service is consistently spot-on in my opinion and the few times I have recommended to friends, I have heard nothing but great feedback – I take it as a sign!

For this meal, my husband and I ordered the Kaiseki course, which was consisted of 9 carefully prepared dishes including grilled cuttlefish covered with yolk, tossed matsutake with spinach, and vinegar-flavored cucumber crab roll; deep-fried chicken flavored in fruit vinegar sauce; seasonal assorted sashimi; (an additional order of salmon sushi was placed); sea urchin & lotus root bun in stockfish clear soup; pan-fried beef tenderloin in ginger sauce; salty grilled salmon; deep-friend Hiroshima oyster; tempura fig; Tiramisu with seasonal fruits; and steamed ride with fresh matsutake and miso soup.

The course meal lasted us about two hours and we even had the chance to enjoy hot sake and a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc throughout our meal. Highly recommend!

Tip: book in advance!


803 Julu Rd, Jingan Qu,
Shanghai, China, 200000
Phone +86 21 5404 5252

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