Molecular Experience At Bo Innovation Hong Kong

Alvin Leung of Bo Innovation in Hong Kong (now in Shanghai) is so passionate about what he does. Most will know chef Leung for his bold statements, but what speaks most loudly is his creative yet delicious food and his ability of reinvention.

Bo Innovation is very closely tied to the Chinese tradition. Although Alvin Leung enjoys using such “non-Chinese”  products as fatty tuna or foie gras, each and every dish had an exciting Chinese touch that was both, intentional and inventive.

I thought the food was very tasty but didn’t differ too much from all those modern-molecular European restaurants. I’ve learned a lot about traditional Chinese ingredients yet the cooking methods and preparations used are very innovative. Definitely one of the best restaurants I’ve been to this year. Below are some of the pictures from the ‘Hong Kong Story’ 12-course menu.

Bo Innovation
J Residence, Shop 8, J Senses Entrance
Ship Street, 60 Johnston Rd, Hong Kong
Phone +852 2850 8371

Childs Play, a playful approach to classic Hong Kong dishes

Caviar, smoked quail, crispy taro

Molecular- xiao long bao

Chinese noodles wrapped in Iberian ham

foie gras “chu ye ching” miso, green apple, charred bamboo mantau

Tomato, ginger granite

Rose petals poured over with liquid nitrogen.

Black Cod, Iberia ham, shine mushroom, friend mandarin peel, yuzu

Brittany Blue Lobster, hawthorn berry, green peppercorn, freeze-dried pineapple

Mou Tai, calamansi, egg white

A3 Saga-Guy Beef. Black truffle, soy sauce, taro

Sucking Pig, roasted Sichuan pineapple, Sauternes wine

No shark fin, mango, coconut, grapefruit

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