Hong Kong’s Best Kept Secret: Maison Libanaise

A few weeks ago my husband and I managed to have a weekend getaway for ourselves in Hong Kong . It was my second visit to the city and even though my husband often travels to Hong Kong for work, he never really gets to experience what the city has to offer due to his busy schedule so I was excited to act as his own private guide this time šŸ˜‰

While exploring the Central neighborhood, we stumbled upon Maison Libanaise,Ā a Middle Eastern-style restaurant over three floors that offers a different concept on each level. The first floor offers made-to-order Lebanese street food to take away, such as wraps, falafels and salads; the second floor serves traditional mezze and main dishes the that are designed to share ā€“ just the way they do it in the Middle East; and the third level is the rooftop that offers a beautiful open-air area with views of Central, and since the day was gorgeously sunny and bright that afternoon, we opted to enjoy our lunch al fresco.

The menu definitely proved to be authentic; they included Hummus Bi Tahini,Ā La Maison Labneh,Ā Baba Ganoush, andĀ homemade Pita Bread. Good Hummus is really hard to find basically anywhere so I was impressed to see Maison Libanaise get the recipe spot on. Then we tried theĀ Lamb Kibbeh, Shish Taouk, andĀ Whole Baked Eggplant, which was fresh and bursting with flavors.Ā Since we had already devoured most of the menu between the two of us, we couldnā€™t refuse dessert and opted for my all-time favorite Baklava, which it just was as expected, heavenly. If youā€™re around Hong Kong Central, Iā€™d highly recommend a visit as the quality of the food is very high.

Maison Libanaise
10 Shelley St
Hong Kong

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