Best Omakase Sushi In Shanghai: Sushi Oyama

Sushi is the perfect embodiment of Japanese aesthetics and there’s nothing quite like as having sushi at the counter while watching the chef making its magic.

A few days ago, I had a chance to visit Sushi Oyama, an Omakase-style Japanese restaurant and highly popular in Shanghai, and also probably one of the very few that imports its fish from Hokkaido and Nagasaki.

Despite the fact that I (almost) felt as I was being hypnotized by watching the sushi dancing from the hand of the sushi chef to my mouth, I was really focused as always on the taste and quality. As expected, there’s a reason for Oyama-san’s success; his signature Fatty Tuna (it literally melted in my mouth), Chu-toro and Ikura with seared foie gras over rice were the “stand out” pieces of the night. The “oyster special” as well as the Miso were also amazing.

Like an ancient warrior, Oyama-san gracefully manipulates the knife as if he was born with it. A true master and the results truly speak for itself. Excellent service and impeccable attention to detail. Everything was just perfect. Luxe Appetit recommended!

Sushi Oyama
2/F, 20 Donghu Lu,
Shanghai, China
Phone: +86 5404 7705

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