Tuscan Wines Meet Chinese Gastronomy: A Winning Combination

China has experienced an increase in European wines lately, mostly because of China’s rapid market growth and the large influx of expats relocating to urban cities, such as Shanghai, seeking imported and quality wines.

I was lucky enough to attend an extraordinary wine pairing event a few days ago and expose my senses to something new from these two very distinctive countries, Italy and China. To my surprise, I discovered a nice blend of flavors and creativity at Lost Heaven on the Bund in Shanghai. Perhaps this may have been my most unique pairing experience because of the culinary combination of the Yunnanese, Burmese and Sichuan spices, the artful design of the plating, colors, originality of tastes, and the excellent wines from Tuscany!

Featured recently at GQ Italia as “two excellent producers operating in the Pistoia area”, both wineries, Fattoria Casalbosco and Fattoria Betti, produce very remarkable wines from the Chianti region. The dinner was focused on the tasting of 8 different wines matched with 4 different courses (for each course we tasted 2 wines, one produced by Fattoria Betti and the other by Fattoria Casalbosco). Think of it as Italian wine meets Chinese gastronomy.

I would like to thank Perle & Perlage for the chance to experience the wines from Fattoria Casalbosco and Fattoria Betti and the gracious hospitality. Here are some photos from this incredible Gastronomy Experience.

This post is sponsored by Perle & Perlage. The opinions are solely my own.

Regardless of your taste, most dishes shined by their inventive plating and uniqueness of flavors. The Italian wines were the perfect match for the Chinese course meal. Overall, outstanding experience, it truly was one of the most memorable wine pairing events of my life!

Do you have a memorable wine pairing experience you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you!

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